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Monday, May 17, 2010




The building will look more clean, comfortable and beautiful when painted. Normally the building owner will choose colors that adjusted to the needs and tastes. But you know, it began to paint in the days of cavemen used to draw an object or situation?
In the days of cavemen, colored material around the existing stone wall. They drew a nearby object or situation. They mix the charcoal, chalk, color of soil, water, and the resulting colors of nature to paint a cave wall. Results such as cement mixtures. Then they draw what they want on the walls of the cave, though the results are not durable.
Then, using paint from being used by the Egyptians and the east. The artists decorated the sides of the pyramids, statues, ornaments with natural color. Raw sand, soda, and roasted to produce copper blue. While the bones and any remaining waste incineration is used to produce the color black.
At the time of the Egyptian king, Pharaoh, colors appear more dominant gold-plated because gold is considered able to symbolize wealth. The paint is also growing in China, Japan, and America. They use hemp oil to develop and to glue the pigment material. Cat had been used to beautify a building wall surface.
The use of paint was growing. In the 15th century found in thick oil paint by Leo Battista Alberta. Then in the 19th century, the more rapidly growing paint industry. Rapid industrial development has advanced paint when the paint industry to be part of the chemical industry that produces ready-made paint. Now, what started with the caveman, has grown into a huge industry everywhere. Even without paint, the house seemed less than complete.

1.1. Paint history
Looking at the social history of ancient cave kala.Manusia using colored materials found in nature to describe the circumstances surrounding stone wall. When the purpose of paint as a tool to describe and define the object and circumstances.
Mixture at that time consisted of charcoal, lime and soil colors and the colors produced nature. They mix with water from trees and animal glue and mortar of stone that can soft as cement to glue the color. The certainly course it is not too complicated, but can be durable, so that we can still observe streaks ever made since the 600th knew then.
The first use of the earlier painting as we know, who is said to decorate and embellish, is by the people of Egypt and the eastern tengah.Seniman decorate the inside of the pyramid, ornaments and statues-sculpture. On commonly used pigments are natural, salt such as copper, ocher and vermilion (red light), to produce the blue, the Egyptians burnt sand, soda and copper black.  The color made from the bones and the rest of the incinerator.
King of Egypt's pharaohs also like love it with gold gilding, which at that time more only used and symbolized wealth.
Then the people of China, Japan and America developed a pigment and adhesive materials, raw linseed oil. The further appear natural pigment, vegetable oils, resins, etc. from the tree. Those were people who are good at painting the artist got the nickname. They set up their own paint from pigments and materials adhesive. The one a natural thing was when the artist paints the paint by hand and beautify the entire surface of the wall inside the house.
Oil paint appeared on the 15th century, initially Leo Battista Alberta using thick oil paint and can be diluted with not too long turpentine.Dan used throughout Eropa.Mereka also have found a revolutionary type of paint. At that time the region of the United States paint a symbol kemewahan.Hanya wealthy citizens have the right to paint their homes. And the artists paint terlebut be the starting point of evolution where the paint from their experience of colors developed.
Color milled first appeared in Europe during the 17th century. In the 19th century, industrial paints and varnishes are no longer paint seni.Industri been a part of that progress kimia.Dengan industrial paint factory was able to make a paint that is ready for use.
In the 20th century we have been able to witness the development of the outer chemical biasa.Pengetahuan we have shown in other materials and other processes such as cooking oil with natural resin, synthetic resin penemuat / artificial resin which includes acrylic.
Currently, market and customer-oriented environment, BETONEL continually researching and looking for pengembangan.Dalam protect the environment, BETONEL have modified the formula without the use of Lead (Lead) and Mekuri (mercury) and has improved the paint syntetis.Kita now can offer a latex paint (waterbase) that meet environmental criteria.
The future promises to our other findings related to cat.Penelitian and sustainable employment with a goal to develop existing products and looking for new products with low pollution levels to meet customer needs, more ..... please contact us.


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