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Sunday, June 28, 2009


The type of Marketing Research service that we could offer in general are divided into three category, i.e. Industrial Research, Consumer Research and Feasibility Studies.
a. Industrial Research
Industrial Research is a type of research or survey specializing in analyzing the Supply and Demand aspect nationally. Analyzing supply is an analysis to learned the distribution of companies that is as the subject of research, whether in operation, stopped operating, as well as new company or services equipped with production development and the location for operation. Otherwise, the raw material aspect is also an important discourse from this Industrial Research business. Therefore, with a trade product distribution channel or services that will become the subject of the research, whether of the import product as well as export, which at the end shall be employ to learned about the market volume and its consumption development.
Industrial Research outline covering such aspect as;
Industry Profile
Company Profile (location, status, type of product, capacity and the production, etc.)
Source of raw material (from import, Local, etc.)
Production Development
Market Supply
Export and import
Marketing Distribution Channel (local, foreign, etc.)
Market Demand
Market Segmentation
Demand Consumption
Prospect and Opportunity Business
b. Consumer Research
In completing customer demand, we also offer Consumer Research service in Quantitative Research that will describe or analyze such aspects like UAI (Usage, Attitude, and Image), Customer Satisfaction Survey, Syndication & Omnibus Survey, Census Survey, and other Consumer Research.
c. Feasibility Study
The research and survey research that we offer also covers Feasibility Studies (FS) or feasibility study of a business to be implemented. In general, this feasibility study implemented to learned the feasibility of a particular business field ranging from its business scale or economical concern, return on investment, the market general outlook and its prospect in the future.


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