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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Commercial Global Data Reserch
Multi Client Studies
Single Client Study
Advertising Services

We are an institution Consulting, Survey, Research and Data Reporting in research data in the field of global, presents a variety of business information that includes the actual manufacturing industry sector, mining, banking, insurance, and services to serve other research. Products of our company is a Multi-Client Study, Single Client Study, Market Feasibility, and others service.

We present you as a partner consultant, to provide current information that you need to determine policy directions and develop your company. One of the products that we offer the book to you is the "Study Analysis & Market Conditions Prospects Textile and Garment Industry equipped Directory company profile in Indonesia" Year 2009 Issue.

We offer these books to you at Rp. 5.500.000, to assist the business in the Garment and Textile Industry, as the map strength among your competitors and partners, learning and development of the Export Import garment and textile products of Indonesia, to know company that do export are significant, to know the production capacity of each garment and textile companies, knowing the order of the director and commissioner, and other information you need to know (the Company's attached examples). How big your company's contribution in improving the production capacity to meet orders from the buyer both locally and internationally, find every opportunity available, and is expected to have this book, your company become more productive, efficient, more forward in a healthy and competitive.


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