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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Commercial Global Data Research, or CDR for short, is an independent business consultant providing services in the fields related to business. CDR is quite willing to provide services required in the present business situation where competition is very tight.
The positive points of studies, that CDR usually writes, focus on the complete data and accurate analysis in the forms of:
a. Multi-client Business Research Reports
b. Market Research and Feasibility Studies
c. Others.
CDR was established at the end of June 2009. The establishment was inspired by the fact that there have been domestic and overseas strong requests of information on various fields from businessmen and businessmen-to-be. In general, they need accurate, sharp, comprehensive, and reliable information on the present condition and the prospect of business in Indonesia. No matter what the present condition is, Indonesia certainly has a good future. Being supported by experienced and professional staff in research of different fields, CDR will be able to provide accurate, sharp, comprehensive, and reliable study results, to meet both the multi-client or single-client needs.
In conducting the studies, CDR always accommodates the wishes of the business actors who generally want to have comprehensive reports on the burning issues of business in Indonesia. The hot business topics such as the Garment & Textile studies, paint studies, and aviation have been completed. Right now, CDR is in the process of completing studies which have been warmly discussed.
To face the globalization era, the businessmen are indeed required to improve their competition power. Appropriate information is the key factor to win the competition and an important factor in modern business. It is relatively easier for the businessmen to set up appropriate strategies in running the business when they have quick, accurate, and comprehensive information at hand. As a possible business partner, CDR is able and willing to provide the required information in anticipation of the business opportunities and challenges in Indonesia.
Jl. Suryakencana I RT. 5/6 Sukamanah Cisaat Sukabumi West Java - Indonesia
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