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Wednesday, August 3, 2016



Commercial Global Data Research

We are an institution Consultant, Survey, Research and Independent Reporting in the provision of data and research as a whole, presents a variety of real-time business information covering the manufacturing industry sector, mining, banking, insurance, feasibility studies, company profiles, and other research services.
We are here as your consulting partner, to help provide real-time information necessary to determine the direction of policy in developing your company. One statistic book products that we offer to you is: "BOOK OF ENERGY AND ECONOMIC STATISTICS IN INDONESIA, 2015".

We offer the book for Rp. 2,000,000 (Two million rupiah), to help businesses in the industry, assist investors, helping the banks or creditors, and other relevant parties, by looking at the map of power among the competitors / your partner, either a competitor from outside and domestic, studying the development of export and import, knowing the obstacles and opportunities for companies that condition fluctuated, knowing the market share domestically and abroad, as well as other information required by the reader.

How big is your company's contribution in increasing production capacity to fulfill orders from buyers both locally and internationally, look at every opportunity, and it is expected to have this book, your company become more productive, efficient, more advanced and compete fairly.

These statistics are presented in tables, charts, and others, in order that the reader more clearly see the progress of each major product line and raw materials become the flagship product from Indonesia.


In today's modern life, the statistics do not doubt its role especially for institutions such as the company's business. Statistics were once only known to the public as a census of the population, but is now widely used by companies as a consideration in the decision.
Statistics have many definitions and descriptions vary from experts, but the point is the same with each other. Statistics is a science which studies ways of collecting, processing, presentation, and analysis of data and how conclusions are generally based on the research results is not exhaustive (sample).


Indonesia’s Energy Economy Statistics, is very important to accurate and reliable energy economic data and information consolidated in book. Data and information related to energy economy are dispersed in various sources and locations, and are generally in different formats unready for energy analysis. In addition, they are generally not provided with sufficient explanation or clarification. The standardization of energy economic data is still quite a critical problem. Currently, some researchers in various institutions, do not have common terminology on energy economy, in some cases may have a number of meanings. His subsequently leads to inaccurate energy analysis.
Currently, the problem related to energy data in Indonesia is the unavailability of demand-side data. To date, energy data are actually derived from supply- side data. In other word, consumption data are assumed to be identical with the sales data. Such assumption maybe quite accurate provided there is no disparity between domestic energy price and its international price. Disparity in energy price would promote misuse of energy. Thus, sales data on an energy commodity cannot be regarded as the same as that of its consumption. For that reason, in this statistics book, energy consumption data concept is presented after a computation based on a number energy parameters.


Chapter 1
1.1.    GDP and Energy Indicator
1.2.    Macro economic
1.3.    Finance and Banking
1.4.    Price Index
1.5.    Population and Employment
1.6.    International Trade
1.7.    Supply of Primary Energy
1.8.    Comparison of primary energy intensity in some country
1.9.    Intensity of Final Energy Consumption per Capita
Chapter 2

Indonesia Energy Balance Table 2014
Chapter 3
3.1.    Primary Energy Supply by Sources
3.2.    Final Energy Consumption by Sector
3.3.    Final Energy Consumption by Type
3.4.    Share of Final Energy Consumption by Sector
3.5.    Share of Final Energy Consumption by Type
Chapter 4

4.1.    Crude Oil Price 
4.2.    International Gas Price
4.3.    Average Price of LPG, LNG and Coal FOB Export
4.4.    Energy Price per Energy Unit
4.5.    Average Price of Coal Import
Chapter 5
5.1.1. Energy consumption in industrial sector (in original unit) 
5.1.2. Energy consumption in industrial sector (in energy unit)
5.1.3. Share of energy consumption in industrial sector 
5.2.1. Energy consumption in household sector (in original unit)
5.2.2. Energy consumption in household sector (in energy unit)
5.2.3. Share of energy consumption in household sector
5.3.1. Energy consumption in commercial sector (in original unit)
5.3.2. Energy consumption in commercial sector (in energy unit) 
5.3.3. Share of energy consumption in commercial sector
5.4.1. Energy consumption in transportation sector (in original unit)
5.4.2. Energy consumption in transportation sector (in energy unit)
5.4.3. Share of energy consumption in transportation sector
5.5.1. Energy consumption in others sector (in original unit)
5.5.2. Energy consumption in others sector (in energy unit)
5.5.3. Share of energy consumption in others secctor

Chapter 6 
6.1.1. Coal Reserves
6.1.2. Coal Supply
6.1.3. Indonesia Coal Export by Destination
6.1.4. Coal Sales
6.2.1. Oil Reserves
6.2.2. Refinery Capacity
6.2.3. Crude Oil Supply and Demand
6.2.4. Domestic Oil Fuels Sales
6.2.5. Crude Oil Refinery Production
6.2.6. Import of Refined Products
6.2.7. Export of Refined Products
6.2.8. Indonesia Crude Oil Export by Destination
6.2.9. LPG Supply
6.3.1. Natural Gas Reserves
6.3.2. Natural Gas Production
6.3.3. Natural Gas and LNG Supply and Demand
6.3.4. City Gas Sales and Utilization
6.4.1. Power Plant Installed Capacity
6.4.2. Power Plant Production 
6.4.3. Import of Electricity 
6.4.4. Electricity Sales
6.4.5. Fuel Consumption of PLN Power Plant
6.4.6. Share of Fuel Consumption of PLN Power Plant
6.4.7. PLN Electricity System Performance
6.5.1. Geothermal Resources and Reserves
6.5.2. Geothermal Power Plant Capacity 
6.5.3. Geothermal Steam Production  



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